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Cloudless Napili Sunset

Cloudless Napili

The setting sun reveals a cloudless horizon from Napili Bay on the island of Maui. It has been said that “Napili” is an old Hawaiian word referring to a coming together place. “Pili” by itself has several meanings, the most common alluding to closeness, friendship, and sticking together.

Watching the dividing line of ocean, sky, and sun merge into the evening with loved ones near seems like a sweet representation of that same concept.

Purple Maui Sunset, ‘Au’au Channel

Lahaina Sunset Maui

As the sun sinks behind Lana’i and into the Pacific, the sky fires to life with purple and pink hues radiating from the horizon. Through silhouetted palm and plumeria trees on Maui’s Lahaina coast, the now calming ocean reflects the pink above after a day of winds… read more