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Kona Plumeria

Kona Plumeria

Side by side Plumeria trees show off colorful bunches of flowers in full bloom during a clear blue sky Kona day. The tree in front sports bright yellow blossoms while the tree behind is covered with purple petals.

Kona has a variety of Plumeria trees used as landscaping elements from roadsides to parking lots to residential homes. On hot Kona days like this one, they have a strong, unforgettable fragrance.

Purple Maui Sunset, ‘Au’au Channel

Lahaina Sunset Maui

As the sun sinks behind Lana’i and into the Pacific, the sky fires to life with purple and pink hues radiating from the horizon. Through silhouetted palm and plumeria trees on Maui’s Lahaina coast, the now calming ocean reflects the pink above after a day of winds… read more