Hawaii Pictures

Hana, Maui Sunset

Hana, Maui Sunset

While Hana, Maui is on the east side of the island, you can still catch a glimpse of the sunset in Winter months if you go far enough past town. The drive, and the view are worth it. read more




Napo’opo’o on the Big Island of Hawaii has a rich history filled with generations of Hawaiians, from commoners to chiefs, to the first Westerners. It is beautiful, typically calm, with a bay full of fish, and receives the benefits from … read more



Hanauma Bay in the Morning

This gorgeous spot is home to a large coral reef filled with tropical fish, and as the day goes on, people. read more


Red Crested Cardinal

Red-crested Cardinal in Hawaii

The Red-crested cardinal was introduced to Oahu and Kauai in the late 1920’s – early 1930’s from South America. This beautiful bird was photographed on the island of Maui. read more



B-18s Over Diamond Head, 1940

Thank you to all of those who have served and those who are serving now to provide safety, security, and freedom to others! Hawaii has been instrumental in that service for many decades. This stunning photo of B-18s in formation … read more