Hawaii Pictures

Beach, Lava, Ocean

Beach, Lava, Ocean at Waialea Beach

Beach, frozen lava, and ocean combine in an ever-changing dance on the shore of Waialea Beach on the Kohala cost of the Big Island of Hawaii. read more




Napo’opo’o on the Big Island of Hawaii has a rich history filled with generations of Hawaiians, from commoners to chiefs, to the first Westerners. It is beautiful, typically calm, with a bay full of fish, and receives the benefits from … read more


Millet Butterflyfish School

Millet Butterflyfish

Schooling Millet Butterflyfish cruise inside an underwater channel in search of their next meal. read more


Green Sea Turtle

Turtle Dive

A Hawaiian Green Sea Turtle cruises the sea floor off the Oahu shoreline looking for a bite to eat. read more


Hawaii Christmas Santa

Mele Kalikimaka

Mele Kalikimaka is the Hawaiian way to say Merry Christmas to you! The phrase Mele Kalikimaka and Hawaiian Christmas traditions in general didn’t begin until the first Christian missionaries came to the islands in 1820. read more