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  • Maui Palms

    Maui Palms

    A yellow-gold sunset direct from the island of Maui.

  • Mahaiula Moon

    Moon Over Mahaiula

    Mauna Kea and Hualalai behind Mahaiula Beach at sunset and a rising moon.

  • cinnamon-plumeria

    Cinnamon Plumeria

    We are not sure what the actual name of this plumeria variety is, but we call it the Cinnamon Plumeria, for its somewhat spicy fragrance.

  • squid or cuttle fish

    Open Ocean Creatures

    Yep, that is a BigFin Reef Squid, was lucky enough to catch a glimpse of it in 35ft of water with no real reef in sight.

  • sabi star

    Sabi Star in Hawaii

    Originally from southern Africa and Arabia the Sabi Star, also known as the mock azalea or desert rose, this beautifully bright flower grows throughout Hawaii.

  • White Tip Reef Shark

    White Tip Reef Shark

    Stealthy, silent, fast, and beautiful--a white tip reef shark cruises in a shallow reef in Hawaiian waters.

  • Kona Coast Sunset

    The Gold Coast

    It's not called, "The Gold Coast" because of its sunsets...but maybe it should be.