Beautiful Beach, Windward Maui

Maui Northside Beach

Beautiful Beach, Windward Maui

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The north shores of Maui are turbulent waters, tropical rains, and windy afternoons. These conditions are the perfect set up for creating some of Hawaii’s most beautiful beaches. With soft sand from years of smoothing, lush shorelines from plenty of freshwater, and unique rocks, bridges, and natural structures from wind, these beaches are truly a sight.

On this windward side it is not difficult to find yourself standing alone on white, golden, or even red sands gazing into the bright blue Pacific. Ideal for contemplation and rejuvenation, this area is where Charles Lindbergh chose to spend his last days and where Mark Twain penned new writings.

Spend an hour at a beach like this and you’ll quickly understand why so many love this place.

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