Maui in RGB

RGB–red, green, and blue–are the most common primary colors used in print and on screens to produce every other color us trichromatic humans can see. Here they come together individually and beautifully in this Maui beach scene.

Iron-rich red lava rocks from Haleakala above are smoothed and broken apart by clear Pacific waters. The ocean reflects shades of bright blue from the sky above. And a line of bright evergreen trees edge their way into the picture at left, filling a hillside down to the beach.

From the Photographer:

RGB in living color. Maui no ka oi! Shot with a Canon 5D MK II and 17-40L glass.

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About Mike Neubauer

Hawaii based landscape photographer Mike Neubauer has been honing his craft for over 15 years. His fascination with light and the elements of nature play nicely into his compositions. Trained at The Art Institute of Colorado, Mike has become a master at portraying the magic of nature in full grandeur. After spending time in Italy studying photography, Mike moved to the Hawaiian Islands. A perfectionist with an acute sense of detail, Mike has since explored the lush landscapes of Hawaii in pursuit of capturing the essence of its beauty. His awe inspiring images have attracted the attention of gallery owners, national magazines and international art distribution houses that proudly feature his work. A selection of Mike's work can be found on his website at