Cattleya Orchid, Hawaii

Cateliya Orchid, Hawaii

Cattleya Orchid, Hawaii

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A delicate Cattleya orchid (ʻOkika in the Hawaiian language) displays its intricate white petal with purple lips pattern in Hawaii. The Cattleya has 113 species of orchids in its genus, mostly originating in the American tropics and Costa Rica.This beautiful type of orchid is regarded for its showy flowers and was used to create many other orchid hybrids over years of strategic breeding.

Today there are three types of Cattleyas: purple, yellow or bronze, and white with colored lips. Orchids are grown and bred throughout Hawaii, which provides an ideal growing environment for many varieties–warm temperatures, plenty of rain and sunshine, and great soil.

For those orchid lovers and breeders in our midst, here are a few references to grow your passion:
American Orchid Society
Orchid Geeks Forum

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