Blue White Orchid

White Blue Iris

Each of the Hawaiian islands have nicknames. For instance, Maui is called the ‘Valley Isle’ and Kaua’i is referred to as the ‘Garden Isle.’ The Big Island of Hawaii, though, gets the moniker ‘Orchid Isle.’ When it comes to tropical flowers, the Big Island lives up to its name.

One of Hawaii’s main exports is tropical flowers, including orchids. Orchids like this one can be seen on the side of the road, in open fields, growing naturally in trees, and in most botanical gardens. The growing conditions, especially on the wetter windward side of the island, cultivate an ever-growing stock of beautiful blooms.

This unique orchid has an interesting brown and green pattern on half of one side of it’s petals while the reverse side is a starkly contrasting purple and white.

UPDATE: We incorrectly identified this flower. In fact, it is a Walking Iris.

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3 comments on “White Blue Iris

  1. I have an orchid of this same kind that bloomed only twice this spring. I don’t know much about it since a friend gave it to me last winter. I came across this page and was so excited to see it’s everywhere in Hawaii, since I am here in southwest Florida. I hope to oneday see Hawaii in person and all it’s beautiful orchids and beaches, because I also love surfing. Thanks for posting this beautiful picture!

  2. I’ve had this plant for many years and was told it was a “walking iris”. Am in central Texas.