Wailua River Overlook

Wailua River Overlook

Lush Kauai shows off why it is the “Garden Isle” in this shot from Kauai Carver overlooking the Wailua River in Wailua, Kauai. The picture was taken from the Hindu Monastery, which is open to the public.

In the foreground small palms arch over Ti (sometimes called Ki) plants, which are used in food, prayers, and gardening. In the background, the Wailua River runs wide, full of rain water from one of our planet’s wettest spots.

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About Kauai Carver

Keoni Durant is known throughout the world for his traditional Hawaiian sculpture and jewelry. His art honors the ways of his Kanaka Maoli ancestors, the original settlers and high chiefs of the Polynesian Archipelago now known as Hawaii. Many of the photos featured here are taken by Heather Shadur, Keoni's ku'uipo.