Waikoloa Blue

Blue sky gives way to a fiery sunset on the North Kona coast near Waikoloa and Anaeho’omalu Bay. Being early winter, the sun sets to the south, bringing the shoreline into the scene. Seasonally-sized waves crash onto the coral beach and humpback whales pop up from time to time in the distance.


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One comment on “Waikoloa Blue

  1. A friend of mine did the iramonn in Australia a few years ago and I went along for moral support. I think that is a relatively easy (feels wrong even using that word in the context of the iramonn) course, very flat. However, it took her 13 hours 45 minutes to finish. My memory of the day is going back and forth to the beach from the course. Every few hours I’d go back to cheer her on as she came through town. I love to run and had a fantastic time doing my 1/2 marathon last year. The Ironman seems waaaay out of my league though!Enjoy Hawaii! What a great time of year to be there!