Underwater Swim, Hawaii

Under the Sea

A model (Donica Shouse) with Odina Swimwear takes a swim in a beautiful underwater scene provided by the Big Island, the Pacific, and sun streaming in from above. While many people think Hawaii is wonderful for because of everything on shore, Hawaii’s warm Pacific seas are what make it all possible.

The average water temperature in Hawaii is about 78 degrees Fahrenheit, rarely getting below 70 degrees even in the coldest months. This means that we are blessed to engage the ocean here without cumbersome wetsuits and the time needed to suit up. Instead, we are free to simply find a good spot, jump in, and enjoy.

From the Photographer:

“‘magic hour’ underwater = all day long”

If you haven’t had the chance or taken the opportunity to get into the ocean in Hawaii, we highly recommend it.

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About Sarah Lee Photography

"From Kona on the Big Island of Hawai’i, I am incessantly glued to camera viewfinders, dafins, and the sea. My aim in making photos is to capture and accentuate the beauty in what surrounds me. Photography to me is a mode of visual problem solving and a way to perpetuate the stoke, whether it be above the surface or below. At the moment, I am located somewhere in Hawai’i." Check out Sarah's work on Facebook and also at http://www.hisarahlee.com/.