Haleakala Twilight

Twilight at Haleakala

Sunset at Haleakala has many different shades. Usually a beautiful blur of reds and oranges from above the clouds, this picture captures a less common palette on top of the 13,000 foot mountain.

From the photographer: “40 MPH Wind, Sub 30 degrees, I was the only idiot that stayed out after the sun went down…Worth it….”

Here the observatories and other instrumentation atop Haleakala (lit. “House of the Sun”) are in sharp relief as custard-yellow seamlessly blends into the night blue sky.

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One comment on “Twilight at Haleakala

  1. Sunset is even better on Haleakala than the sunrise, in my opinion. But be careful if you start your descent as the sun is setting, the sun in your eyes is murder!