Tunnels Beach (Makua), Kauai North Shore

Makua Beach (Tunnels), Kauai

Makua Beach (known as “Tunnels Beach”) is found on Kaua’i’s northern shore near Haena Beach, the end of the road and more famous Ke’e beach. This beautiful, soft-sand, long beach has great snorkeling in calm summer months, good body-surfing when the swell picks up, and great views any time of year.

Makua Beach is big enough, far enough away from population centers, and just difficult enough to access (if the parking is full the walk is a bit longer) that it offers more seclusion and that welcome feeling of being alone on a beautiful island.

That said, the beach does have a fair bit of snorkeling and diving traffic due to the large lagoon created by a massive reef just off the shore. This reef is supposedly what gives Makua its alternate name of “Tunnels,” based on all of the tunnels and arches in the reef itself.

This spot on Kauai sees the full spectrum of weather, often changing quite quickly from copious amounts of rain and wind to calm seas and sunshine.

We like this shot for its rich textures of golden sand, frothy sea foam, and prickly pines in the background.


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