The Line Up

Sea turtles rest on Maui sands in a line pointing toward sunset behind the island of Lana’i.

Weary from days at sea munching algae, jellies, and other tasty turtle food, they come ashore in Hawaii to warm in the sun. We don’t know why they do it in groups like this, but it is common to see several turtles lined up, sometimes even laying on top of each other.

We share their desire to snooze on a Maui beach watching the sun hide behind the islands and listening to the surf wash up on the sand.

From the Photographer:

“The October Honu line-up”

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2 comments on “The Line Up

  1. What a great photo. Is there any way to purchase a copy. I lived on Maui for many years and would love to have this photo to gaze at, so calming.