Friends don't let friends SUP

SUP Friends

We are thankful this week for friends who care and friends who care for others…even when it comes to SUP (stand up paddling).

This picture comes from a guest contributor’s vacation to Maui where, to some surfers’ chagrin, stand up paddling has boomed in popularity. Stand up paddling uses a larger version of a surfboard that is usually longer, wider, and thicker. The rider stands atop the board with an elongated paddle to cruise or get up to speed when catching waves.

From the Photographer:

“Thank’s for the vacation of our Life…in Mau’i.. July 2012”

The paddle and standing position give SUP’s an advantage to catch waves before surfers, meaning fewer waves for the traditional surfer. This leads to statements like the one seen here, “Friends don’t let friends SUP.”


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