Ke'e Beach Kaua'i

Sunset on Ke’e Beach, Kaua’i

The sun illuminates high clouds and scatters rays of light across calm ocean waters and the smoothed sandy shoreline of Ke’e Beach on the island of Kaua’i. With soft sand and the lush green cliffs of the Na Pali coast jaggedly rising from the Pacific in the background, it is easy to want to be on this beach.

Also known as Ha’ena State Park or End-of-the-Road, Ke’e Beach is one of the most visited beaches on Kaua’i. It is located at the literal end of the road and acts as the starting point of renown Kalalau Trail.

The beach’s warm bay is full of tropical fish and perfect for snorkeling on calm summer days. Because of the beach’s location on the northern tip of Kaua’i the currents and waves grow incredibly strong for much of the year and ocean play should be avoided. It is these same powerful forces that have carved the Na Pali coastline from gentle flowing lava into tall, steep cliffs.

Adding the mystique of the beach, the nearby hillside is home to Ka Ulu a Paoa Heiau (temple). This religious site was dedicated to Paoa, friend of Lohiau, lover of volcano goddess Pele. Behind the heiau is a shrine to Laka, goddess of the hula.

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