Soaring Over Mokolii, Chinaman's Hat, Oahu

Soaring Over Mokoli’i

Sometimes the conditions just create amazing photo opportunities. In Hawaii, “sometimes” seems to be more like “every where you look.”

This beautiful sunrise picture capturing Mokoli’i off Oahu’s coastline is clearly one such occasion. As the horizon turns from yellow to gold, breaking through pinks and blues, Mokoli’i’s beauty is called out by a bird-shaped cloud.

From the Photographer:

“The wind was blowing, the rain was coming, and I knew I needed to get the perfect angle and framing set up fast, as the sun was coming up over Mokoli’i (Chinaman’s Hat). My umbrella was already out, and the first few drops of rainfall were just starting to pitter patter on it’s nylon surface – (just before the torrential downpour). I was somewhat frustrated as I had slept in my compact car the night before, in order to be up and on location for the sunrise. Everything was looking like a bust, as the wall of rain was heading my way. The clouds were moving fast, and it looked like the wall would come before the sunrise. But just as it started to rain, I looked up from my umbrella… to find this massive cloud in the shape of an eagle, ‘Soaring Over Mokoli’i'”


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About Tuntland Photography

From the age of 12, I have had a camera in my hand. My love for photographic art, was first sparked by my father’s old Pentax K1000 (a fully manual, 35mm). It remained my instrument of choice for several years. Although I am yet a young artist, there have been a couple turning points in my career that have directed my path. Growing up without mainstream television, paved the way for a “hands on” approach to life. Mechanical ability and love for the outdoors, grew as a result. The first real turning point, was selling my hot rod, to purchase my first digital SLR. The second was a complete loss of sight in my dominant eye. It sounds cliché, but the phrase, “You don’t know what you have, until it’s gone” never rang more true. Thanks to the grace of God, and the support of those around me, I have 100% of my sight back.