Royal Hawaiian Hotel

The remarkable Royal Hawaiian Hotel stands on Waikiki beach in Oahu in 1951 while visitors take advantage of ample open space in the early days of Hawaii tourism.

Today this hotel is still standing in the same spot and is as famous as ever. The beach, uncrowded in this picture, is now world-known and is only found empty in the early morning or late evening.

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About Hawaii Aviation

"In 2006, the Hawaii historic aviation project was turned over to Marilyn Kali, the HDOT's Director of Public Affairs for more than 20 years, and historian for Honolulu International Airport. For more than four years Mrs. Kali located and scanned thousands of photos from the archives of the HDOT, the Hawaii State Archives, Hickam Air Force Base, U.S. Army Museum of Hawaii, U.S. Navy History Center, Marine Corps Base Hawaii, and private collectors who made their photo collections available. Along the way, she also collected numerous stories, newspaper articles and magazine clippings about early aviation in Hawaii.