Kauai Rooster

Roosters of Kaua’i

A rooster struts across fallen palm fronds showing his stuff and keeping his hens in line on the island of Kaua’i. Why a rooster on Hawaii Picture of the Day? If you’ve been to Kaua’i, you know why.

There are differing theories on why it is that chickens dominate the open spaces, and towns, and parking lots, and pretty much every other place on the island. Most of the theories center on the odd combination of traditional cockfights being held by certain residents and the passing of a hurricane that spread spread the prize-winning fowl indiscriminately around the island.

Whatever the case, these birds greet visitors at the airport, and again outside their hotel rooms, and again at the beach parks. Some folks will try to share their lunch with the chickens, quickly learning that the fowl have no problem overtaking their table and their entire picnic.

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