Retro Kealakekua Bay

There may come a day when we are not as attracted to Kealakekua Bay, but it will not be this day.

Kealakekua Bay looks good to us all the time, but we really enjoy the way this grainy-style shot transports us back to earlier days. Taken from south of Kahauloa Bay in the Napo’opo’o area, the rugged shoreline and steeply rising hillside of Kealakekua are visible.

It is here that Captain Cook came into the bay to meet with royalty and restock his ship. This meeting later led to Captain Cook’s death and eventually, a massive change in the day-to-day way of life for Hawaiians. The time Cook spent here made Hawaiians raise questions about the religious and governing system called Kapu.

It is said that the entire bay was so filled with Hawaiians swimming and canoeing out to meet Cook that his ship was rendered nearly immovable.

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