Orange Spot Day Gecko on Leaf

Orange Spotted Gecko

This captivating shot of an orange spotted gecko (Phelsuma guimbeaui) shows off its striking orange stripes, blue rings, and green and yellow lines. Called Moʻoʻalā in the Hawaiian language, these are a common sight on the Big Island and Kaua’i through human introduction by way of the Indian Ocean.

These reptiles are surprisingly dextrous, often jumping from leaf to leaf, branch to branch, or even roof to roof. More than once a day gecko has hitched a free ride on this editor’s windshield for several miles. When threatened with immanent death, the gecko will jettison its tail in an effort to distract or placate its attacker while escaping the other direction. Not to worry though, a gecko’s tail regrows, albeit sometimes not quite the same shape as the original.

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3 comments on “Orange Spotted Gecko

  1. I just saw this little guy in my backyard in Kahaluu, Oahu. This is the first one I ever saw! Beautiful! Thanks for the information!

    • I have several good photo and a video of one of these guys lapping up shaved ice syrup in Kailua-Kona Being from western Canada we don’t see lizards of any type Until now I referred to my guy as clown lizard for his markings