Ohia Tree with Lehua Flower

Ohia & Lehua

The lovely Lehua flower is the fruit of the Ohia tree that grows in many forests of Hawaii. Adding to its beauty is its important place in the Hawaiian culture.

As the story goes, Pele, the goddess of the volcano desired a handsome man named Ohia. But, Ohia was already in love with another–the beautiful girl Lehua. Enraged, Pele transformed Ohia into an ugly tree on the mountain.

Lehua pleaded with Pele to return Ohia to her, but Pele refused. So, Lehua went to the gods and begged that she be reunited with Ohia. The gods, having pity on her, turned Lehua into the beautiful red blossom of the Ohia tree so that they can be together forever.

It said that when someone picks Lehua, still today, it rains because you have separated the lovers.

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