Nahiku Fish Tacos, Road to Hana

Nahiku Island Chef, Road to Hana

On the winding Road to Hana drive there are only a few spots to stretch and grab a bite to eat. Nestled into the dense foliage and colorfully adorned, one of the most popular such spots is Island Chef. Island Chef has a variety of offerings but specializes in seafood. It’s generally agreed that if you grind on some fish and chips, coconut shrimp, or fish tacos, you’ll walk away even happier than when arrived. In fact, some claim that the fish and chips here are life-changing.

From the Photographer

New Years Day when I took this so not busy but seriously….Go here for Smoked Marlin Tacos. The best thing on the island. Worth the drive. Also great Pineapple bread.

At Hawaii Picture of the Day we like Island Chef for its brightly painted building, corrugated roof, and hand-drawn signage, all of which contrasting with its thick tropical forest surroundings. We think the contrast, design, and lines make for a nice photo.

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