Na Pali Awaawa

Kauai is known for its lush valleys (awaawa) and steep cliffs (pali). Red rock sharply contrasts with the green hillsides, which in turn contrasts with the bright blue ocean and white clouds.

From this point on Na Pali, one often finds oneself sitting above the clouds looking down through a thin corridor rimmed by the valley edges and opening at the ocean below.

From the Photographer:

“This was my most favorite view from the entire island of Kauai. On top of a mountain along the Na Pali Coast line in Kauai. I could have stayed there forever… I have never felt closer to heaven than at that moment. It’s impossible to see where the sky and ocean waters meet. It was a beautiful day that will be forever etched in my memory…”

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About Lauren Lee

Photography.......... Something I'm very passionate about. I am a professional musician and have dabbled in photography since my early teens. I started to take it more serious in 2007. Taking family photos for mostly just MY family. In 2008 I bought my first professional Nikon camera, and the rest is history! I started studying portrait photography on my own every night with any book or website I could get my hands on. I love keeping a natural feel with my photography. A lot of photographers work too hard to get their subject to be perfect. Not me! I work just as hard catching those "special moments" Especially with children and families. I take no less than 150 frames per photo session. So getting those moments are easy if you aren't afraid to take LOTS of shots!