Mourning Gecko on Plumeria

Mourning Gecko And The Plumeria

A fast, frolicking, and bitty mourning gecko leaps its way from petal to petal on a sidewalk plumeria in Hawaii.

Lepidodactylus lugubris, commonly called the mourning gecko, is particularly interesting because there have not been any males found within the species…that is right, females only. How is this possible? They are parthenogenic–meaning they can create viable eggs and reproduce without a male.

Female mourning geckos lay eggs without ever coming into contact with a male. This means that they are all clones of their mother.

Although their origin is not clear, it is known that they are not from Hawaii. Today though, this gecko makes its home on most the Hawaiian islands and several outlying islands as well. Not bad considering they are all clones.

We came upon a good write-up on mourning geckos if you would like to learn more.

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