Moloka’i Coast

The Moloka’i coastline rises out of the Pacific ocean and stretches skyward to touch the clouds with a green-tipped finger.

This picture does a good job of capturing Moloka’i’s relatively remote and untouched disposition. The island has 260 usable square miles with a population of only 7,400 people, grouped into just a few towns. Outside of town is a lot of open space and deep cut valleys like this one.

Some people consider this island to be less ‘spoiled’ by commercialism than the rest of the Hawaiian islands. It is certainly true that you can get away from the hustle and bustle of your daily grind on Moloka’i. That, and this perspective, put the island in a pretty good light.

From the Photographer:

“Here’s your aerial photo of the Molokai Coast! A significant portion of this is actually a client’s property! Much more to come from Molokai. Aloha!”

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About Jason Matias Photography

I have been photographing landscapes ever since the day I broke the door to the roof of my dorm in North Pole, Alaska - 2005. After hearing many times that I should sell my photos I finally opened this page in Sept 2012 to show everyone my passion and, now that I am in Hawai'i, share my aloha.