Maui Valley

Maui Valley Skies

The clouds separate for a brief moment over Maui, revealing beams of light from above that illuminate the bright green side hills below. In the foreground, Maui sugar cane grows tall as it blows in the Valley Isle winds.

The topography here has been created by years of wind and rain carving away the volcanic mountain sides. Since first being settled by Polynesians around 1500 years ago, this valley has been the site of many battles and many years of abundant peace growing “ship” crops like kalo (taro), banana, and coconut.

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About Michael Keel

Photographer, Writer, Traveler and Watcher. Sharing how I see the world, and promoting preservation through my lens. "These images are seen through my eyes with the help of my camera. I do not manipulate my photos with graphic design wizardry and only 'develop' them from raw files, bringing out the colors that were captured, and the natural essence of the scene. My intention has always been to put the viewer in the moment, of actually feeling like they are in the photo, standing at the viewpoint, gazing, and leav ing it up to the viewer to interpret their own feelings. I want to find the camera angle from which this feeling can be the most that they can be – whatever that is."