Maui Tropical Plantation

Maui Tropical Plantation

A Maui tropical plantation is seen from across a blue green pond: palm trees swaying in the breeze, blue skies with fluffy white clouds, and lush hillsides rising into the background make this scene almost cliche–but it is so beautiful that cliche is replaced by a sense of place and longing to be there.

Plantations like this dot the coast along the West Maui Mountains and fill the hillsides of Haleakala. Maui majors in sugar cane, but one can also find pineapple, coffee, lavender, and more in this tropical paradise.

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About Rob DeCamp

I am a professional photographer living on Maui, in the State of Hawaii. I made my living shooting weddings, but now have shifted my energy to nature photography. What started as a hobby, has now become my passion. I love to explore nature, and capture the ever changing colors and shapes that I find. No matter how many times I go back to the same place, it never is the same. The lighting, the weather all change to give me a different feeling. I think that is what inspires me to keep shooting!