Maui Purple Flower

Maui Purple Flower

A beautiful bunch of purple blossoms burst from their single green stem, taking in the bright afternoon sunlight at a Maui lavender farm.

We’re not sure what this flower is (if you know, please leave us a comment and we’ll update this page), but we do know that it is nice to look at. UPDATE: This is the Agapanthus, also known as “Lily of the Nile,” although it is not a lily and it is actually native to South Africa. Thank you to reader HPOTD reader Cathy for letting us know!

Each flower has six purple-to white petals with several flowers sharing a single stem. When the entire stem is in bloom at the same time, a terrifically colorful scene is set.

Lavender farms on Maui are famous for their, well…lavender; however, many of them also grow a wide variety of other flowers, presenting a magical mix of shapes, designs, scents, and colors.

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4 comments on “Maui Purple Flower

  1. My grandfather called them Agatha’s pants. To this day, that’s how I remember the flower’s name.