Malama Key, Puna, Hawaii

Malama Key, Puna

A woman watches the ocean spray against black lava cliffs on a barren Hawaiian landscape as a rainbow (anuenue) peeks through rain clouds on the horizon. Malama Key is nice that way.

If you are looking for a place to get away from the crowds on Hawaii and into beautiful, and sometimes harsh, lands that are newer than most on earth, look to Puna on Hawaii’s Big Island. Anchored by a small, local feeling town and a vibrant community leaning toward the alternative, Puna is a passionate place in many respects. The population is small and visitors tend to stay on the main drag, leaving sandless beaches like this one at Malama Key available to be experienced is solitude.

From the Photographer:

“Malama Key on the Puna Coast on Hawaii island….taken with an I-phone!”

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