Kauai Waterfalls

Lush Kauai Waterfalls

The Hawaiian word for waterfall is “Wailele.” On Hawaii’s “Garden Isle” of Kauai, wailele are everywhere. Kauai has so many waterfalls that no one is certain of the actual count. With annual rainfall over 400 inches in places on the island it’s no wonder.

The rain makes way for vibrant, lush hillsides and deeply carved valleys filled with rushing streams and massive waterfalls. This coupling of rushing water and chiseled green lushness affords amazing scenes like this throughout the island.

Here a pair of tall waterfalls cascade over large cliffs in the middle Kauai’s vibrant interior as clouds hover above the ridge-line rim.


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About Matt Wade

Matt was born and raised in Boulder, Colorado and attended Colorado State University. From his earliest memories as a child, he had an interest in art. "Art has always served as a respite from life’s demands and a way to explore parts of the world that I don't normally experience in my daily routine. For this reason, I’ve focused mostly on landscape with several artistic mediums over the years. The inherent abstract quality in the forms and shapes in wilderness, combined with the right light and atmosphere, create scenes that surpass anything I could imagine. If I’m successful in capturing these moments, though they can last mere minutes, seconds or even less, they serve as a reminder that our lives exist in context with something much larger." Home Base: Loveland, Colorado