Lanikai Paradise

A small palm tree hangs over a manicured stone wall on the white sand shores of Oahu’s Lanikai Beach. Shallow, clear waters combine with the bright afternoon sun to create a brilliant blue-green ocean.

The phrase, “Lanikai” means “sea heaven” or “heavenly sea” in Hawaiian. Looking at this picture, it is easy to understand why this place would earn that name.

From the Photographer:

“Can you believe some lucky person calls this their home?!!! Taken just south of Lanikai Beach at one of the public beach access points between residences.”

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2 comments on “Lanikai Paradise

  1. I love your photo of Oahu’s Lanikai Beach. It is amazing and brings out the beauty of Oahu. I would like to use your photo (Lanikai Paradise) as a banner for my website and wanted to get your or the photographer’s permission to do so. Thanks so much!