Wawaloli Beach Sunset

Kohaniiki Beach Sunset

Near Kailua-Kona on Hawaii’s Big Island you can find the beach at Kohanaiki. More often called “Pine Trees” by locals and surfers, this white sand beach has beautiful sunsets, good surf, friendly fun, and an important history.

It is this area that was at issue for a key decision regarding public lands in Hawaii. The result set a precedent giving Hawaii state’s public lands additional protections and ensuring deference to Hawaiian heritage.

Kohanaiki is the place of origin of the 1995 landmark supreme court victory addressing and recognizing the importance of native Hawaiian gathering rights, human rights and the public trust. Kohanaiki contains the Hawaiian word ‘hanai’ which means nurture, feed and sustain. A place known to the Hawaiians as a bountiful gathering place, Kohanaiki continues to raise, nurture and sustain the spirit and lives of our young. – http://www.kohanaiki.org/aina.html

It is easy to see why this extraordinary spot was a center of attention.

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