Kekaha Kai Beach

Kekaha Kai Beach

Turquoise water? Check.

White, soft sandy beach? Check.

Shade trees and palms in the distance? Check.

Kekaha Kai (Kona Coast) State Park on Hawaii’s Big Island is one of the most beautiful places to experience in the state. With three picturesque beaches (Mahaiula, Makalawena and Kua Bay), and a bit of difficulty in getting to them, this spot offers both beauty and fewer people.

The park itself sits on the Big Island’s western-most point where a couple of currents and tides merge. This makes for interesting viewing as waves break across shallow reef from several directions at the same time. Each of the beaches have protected bays that offer great swimming, snorkeling, and surfing when conditions are right. With only a couple of inches of rain each year though, conditions are always right for sunbathing and relaxing.

Adding to the dryness, heat, and intrigue, the surrounding area and access roads are encased in dark black lava flow for at least a mile in all directions from not-so-long-ago volcanic activity. This means getting to the beach is a bit more difficult. But that just makes it better for those who do.

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