Kalalau Sea Arch

Kalalau Sea Arch

This sea arch was captured from a narrow ledge high above the ocean called the Kalalau Trail. Only able to see the entrance, sea arches add a sense of mystery to any coastline, making us wonder, “How far does it go?” and “What lives in there?”

This arch is surrounded by turquoise waters that are clear enough to see rock and coral heads on the surface below. Although an inviting scene, sea arches are formed by continual buffeting  of the ocean on the lava rock, as evidenced by the white water surrounding the outcrops.

From the photographer:

Some places just can’t be captured appropriately in a photo. The Kalalau Trail is one of them. 11-unforgettable miles teetering on the edge of a cliff. The trail is no more than a foot wide in many places with one side dropping off into the turquoise waters of the Pacific Ocean. The sheer beauty of the coastline coupled with the thrill/danger of the trail make for a unforgettable experience that has to be experienced in person to appreciate.

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