Redsand Beach Maui

Ka’iahalulu Beach, Maui

On a calm day Ka’iahalulu, the red sand beach near Hana, Maui, two women wade into light blue waters to cool off from the warm Hawaiian sun as clothes hang in a nearby tree.  The sand on this beach gets us every time–it is a striking contrast to the surrounding greens. blues, and whites along the windswept northern shore it calms home.

The beach is secluded, although typically has a few sunbathers–some with more clothes on than others–who have heard of the beach and made the moderate hike. There is first a small red sand beach followed by the bigger beach is farther along the path.

On many days the waves here turn the water a bright turquoise, roiling and reaching onto the beach in swirls of strong current. For this reason, it is advised to only go out on calm days and to be extremely cautious even then.

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