Kahana Bay, Oahu

Beautiful Kahana Bay as seen from the mauka trail, which was once a Hawaiian farming and fishing community. The rainfall and rich soil on this windward Oahu spot grows food and plants well. Below, the bay provides fish and other seafood. In all, this slice of the island was a productive ahupua’a (Hawaiian land division).

This beach, and its accompanying beach park are still known for fishing and relaxed enjoyment. They are a bit off the beaten path and so have limited facilities and not as many visitors as some other popular spots around the island.

From the Photographer:

“‘Kahana Bay’ – Taken on our decent of Mt. Kila”

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About Tuntland Photography

From the age of 12, I have had a camera in my hand. My love for photographic art, was first sparked by my father’s old Pentax K1000 (a fully manual, 35mm). It remained my instrument of choice for several years. Although I am yet a young artist, there have been a couple turning points in my career that have directed my path. Growing up without mainstream television, paved the way for a “hands on” approach to life. Mechanical ability and love for the outdoors, grew as a result. The first real turning point, was selling my hot rod, to purchase my first digital SLR. The second was a complete loss of sight in my dominant eye. It sounds cliché, but the phrase, “You don’t know what you have, until it’s gone” never rang more true. Thanks to the grace of God, and the support of those around me, I have 100% of my sight back.

One comment on “Kahana Bay, Oahu

  1. Hello,

    Am I allowed to use your beautiful photo of kahana.
    When we dance the hula song “Kahana” at the hula show in Japan ,I would like to show your photo to explain kahana.