Humpback Adventure

Humpback Adventure

Being up-close-and-personal with a pair of humpback whales is an adventure not easily forgotten.

The winter time in Hawaii brings hundreds of migratory humpback whales to town. No one knows for sure why they prefer the islands for mating, but they do.

Part of humpback conservation efforts is giving people an appreciation for this animal through education and up-close experiences like this one. Seeing the whales interacting with each other from a few car lengths away brings on a whole new respect for them.

From the Photographer:

“We had the most AMAZING morning with Trilogy Excursions aboard the “Trilogy IV”. Thank-you Captains Kevin, Katie & Jen (I hope I got the names right) for getting us up close to the action. Almost TOO close (even for Katie lol). It’s easy to feel small even on board a large catamaran when two 50 ton Humpbacks cruise by less than 30ft away…” Nathan Philps Photography

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