Ho'opi'i Falls Kauai

Ho’opi’i Falls Kauai

Ho’opi’i Falls near the town of Kapa’a on Kauai is a magical spot is popular for hiking and relaxing; but it is also home to cliff-jumping local daredevils and more than one engagement story. Take a seat on a lava-bench, sit back, and let the entrancing activity of the falls pour over you.

From the photographer:

There is debate as to whether these falls go by that name, or the next falls up-stream. In either case, it’s a beautiful hike to get in there. This location claimed the life of my brother’s Manfrotto tripod and almost took his D700 with 24-70mm lens too!

Ho’opi’i Falls is a series of two waterfalls fed by the Kapa’a Stream in a quiet tropical forest. This picture captures the stream with the falls above at a low-running time of the year. The upper waterfall measures out at around 10-15 feet, while the lower falls are around 30 feet.

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