Hiilawe Falls

Hi’ilawe Waterfall, Waipio Valley

At nearly 1,450 feet tall, Hi’ilawe Falls in Waipio Valley on Hawaii’s Big Island is the tallest waterfall in Hawaii. Although not as powerful as it once was, it still holds beauty and shares a sacred space.

The Waipio Valley itself has a long history of Hawaiian populations living and farming taro. The valley is fed by ample amounts of rainfall and this waterfall helped focus much of that rain into an abundant resource.

More recently, the main flow of water feed Hi’ilawe was diverted by Hamakua Ditch effort, which uses the water for more populated areas. This has led to Hi’ilawe often being a trickle rather than its unimpeded gushing state.

From the Photographer:

“Read about this amazing hike [and see more photos] here. Mahalo for the LIKES and SHARES. Print this image up to 60″ on Aluminum www.jasonmatias.com

The hike into the valley is beautiful, short, and rugged. It includes several stream crossings, steep hills, and occasionally, outspoken locals.

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I have been photographing landscapes ever since the day I broke the door to the roof of my dorm in North Pole, Alaska - 2005. After hearing many times that I should sell my photos I finally opened this page in Sept 2012 to show everyone my passion and, now that I am in Hawai'i, share my aloha.