Hawaii Lanikai Beach Sunrise

Heavenly Sea Sunrise

The sun rises over the twin islands of Na Mokulua, breaking the horizon line and drawing a yellow line in the sea leading to Lanikai Beach in the town of Kailua on Oahu. Flowers arranged into a sweet-smelling “Aloha” on the white-sand beach add a postcard feel and accent the picture with contrasting color.

Literally translated, “Lanikai” means, “Heavenly Sea,” a fitting name for one of Hawaii’s most beautiful beaches. The beach itself is only accessible through public access paths and provides no parking or other services. Because of this, the beach is less frequented than many others–except perhaps by photographers who relish the chance to capture long shadows and the nearby islet silhouettes.


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About Henry Aguilar

Henry Aguilar (aka jhames808) started photography in 2009 as a hobby focusing on landscape and macro. A self-taught photographer who enjoys taking pictures on his free time. Together with his passion and dedication, Henry continues to learn and explore other areas of photography humbly grasping every suggestions and comments to improve his craft. He later on started shooting portraits, local events, concerts and also weddings. One of his photos was published in the January-February 2012 issue of Hawaii Magazine for winning the grand prize of the magazine’s 13th annual photo contest. His work was also selected to be part of the Contemporary Photography in Hawaii 2012 at Frame Arts Hawaii organized by Pacific New Media. Last June, his work was showcased in the first RAWArtist Honolulu event that took place at Vice nightclub. In addition to his website, you can find him on Facebook here.