Surfer in Motion, Hawaii

Hawaiian Prayer for Surf

In another great shot from Rob DeCamp, motion softens the scene as a surfer catches a sunset wave in Hawaii. The blurred detail gives us a sense of an artist’s paintbrush lending more to artwork than action photography and invites us into the water.

Called “he’enalu” in the Hawaiian language, surfing has its origins here. When there was no surf, as happens in the summer, Hawaiians would pray for surf in a Pule Kahiko–an ancient Hawaiian prayer.

“Ku mai! Ku mai! Ka nalu nui mai Kahiki mai,
(Arise! Arise! You great surfs from Kahiki)

Alo po i pu! Ku mai ka pohuehue,
(The powerful curling waves. Arise with the pohuehue)

Hu! Kai ko’o Loa.
(Well up long raging surf.) “


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About Rob DeCamp

I am a professional photographer living on Maui, in the State of Hawaii. I made my living shooting weddings, but now have shifted my energy to nature photography. What started as a hobby, has now become my passion. I love to explore nature, and capture the ever changing colors and shapes that I find. No matter how many times I go back to the same place, it never is the same. The lighting, the weather all change to give me a different feeling. I think that is what inspires me to keep shooting!