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Hawaii Unnamed Shipwreck

At Rest on the Reef, Hawaii Shipwreck

The rusted remains of a shipwrecked boat peers out just above the Pacific as it rests on a shallow reef in northwest Hawaii. Now more a part of the reef than not, the vessel has become home to fish and coral, visible below the ocean’s surface.

Shipwrecks make us wonder about the story behind the remains. What happened to the crew? How did the vessel end up here? Was there a storm? An error? Maybe a rescue? This wonder combined with striking scenery and contrasts of color and texture keep us intrigued, wanting to take a journey of discovery.

From the Photographer:
All that remains above water of an unnamed vessel wrecked on the reef long ago.

Photographer: Dr. Dwayne Meadows, NOAA/NMFS/OPR, Credit: NOAA’s Maritime Heritage Program