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Kalalau Beach

Kalalau Beach, Kauai

Kalalau Beach on the Hawaii island of Kauai offers a stone beach walk buttressed by high sea cliffs covered in native plants.

Located at the end of Kalalau Trail, this Kauai gem is a site to behold.

From the photographer:

The reward for surviving The Kalalau Trail is Kalalau Beach. Imagine this scene:

– majestic tall (Na Pali) sea cliffs serving as backdrop for a secluded long sandy beach
– goats roaming the dramatic fluted ridges above causing frequent rockslides
– legends of Hawaiian chiefs whose bones are scattered in the cliffs above
– hippies who’ve lost track of time and nudists showering underneath a cascading waterfall

This eclectic mixture is exactly what you’ll find at Kalalau Beach and the reason Kalalau is really like no place else in the world!