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Coconut Glen's Coconut Stand

Coconut Glen’s Coconut Stand

At mile 27½  on the Hana Highway, if you’re lucky enough to spot it, you will discover Coconut Glen’s (yes, he has a web page) Ice Cream and Coconut Stand. Tucked along the side of the narrow, winding “Road to Hana” you can feed your island hunger for coconuts by grabbing one freshly picked and piled high on a stand built of wood and what is left of the back end of a school bus.

This memorable location fits in with the overall feel of northeast Maui where you can see creative construction like this adjacent to multimillion dollar homes and resorts, all set in lush, tropical forest.

Coconuts have been on the Hawaii islands since they were first settled by Polynesians. This fruit was brought with the first settlers of the islands as a primary source of food, rope, and medicine.