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Kualoa Park, Oahu

Kualoa from Mokolii

Green hills and black cliff sides rise steeply from the ocean looking over Kualoa Regional Park to the Kahana Valley State Park farther inland. You have to earn this view of the pali by either paddling or swimming to nearby Mokoli’i island, open from dawn to dusk.

After getting to the island, you can enjoy views of the east Oahu shoreline and unobstructed views to the north and east for more than 2,000 miles.

The island can be busy with many visitors when the weather is good. When weather is bad, people are urged to use caution as the water around Mokoli’i is shallow and bigger sea swells or wind can cause dangerous conditions.

From the Photographer:

“The view of Kualoa from little Mokolii Island, along eastern Oahu. That kayak ride was definitely worth it! Photo: Brett Uprichard”

Mokoli’i island is also known as “Chinaman’s Hat.”