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Lahaina Sunset Maui

Purple Maui Sunset, ‘Au’au Channel

As the sun sinks behind Lana’i and into the Pacific, the sky fires to life with purple and pink hues radiating from the horizon. Through silhouetted palm and plumeria trees on Maui’s Lahaina coast, the now calming ocean reflects the pink above after a day of winds on ‘Au’au channel, so named because of its bath-like conditions–‘au’au means “to take a bath.”

Warmth and calm accompany this relaxing sunset scene, which is just one reason so many choose to make this fishing village and port their destination or home.

During winter months, the ‘Au’au channel fills with migrating humpback whales that add to the view with tail slapping, breaching, and playing. The channel is nearly 9 miles wide and only reaches 100 feet in depth. It is home to some of the most popular outrigger races in the state, great snorkeling, and whale-watching that is known the world over.