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Kukaniloko Birthstones

On the north side of Wahiawa on the island of O’ahu lies the birthplace of kings–Kukaniloko. “Wahiawa” translates to “place of rumbling,” where thunderstorms understood to be voices of the Gods welcomed newborn Ali’i.

Like many Monarchies, the royal class of Hawai’i is believed to be divinely descended and appointed.

The Kukaniloko Birthsones area is listed on the National Register of Historic Places and the Hawaii Register of Historic Places. It is also a Hawaii State Park.

From the Photographer and Hawaii State Parks:

“~The royal birth site of the Ali’i~
The Kukaniloko Birthstones is one of the most significant cultural sites on O’ahu and well known as the royal birth site for the Ali’i. These uplands were not only a place where famous chiefs were born and lived, but where key battles for the control of O’ahu were fought. This royal birthsite of Kukaniloko and the associated Ho’olonopahu Heiau (temple), were within Waialua. Nearby was Lihu’e within the lands of Wai’anae Uka. Lihu’e was a noted royal center of the Ali’i on O’ahu between A.D. 1400-1500. The chiefs of this area were called Lo chiefs who preserved their chiefly kapu by living in the uplands of Waialua.

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