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Lahaina Banyan Tree at Christmas

Hawaii Christmas in July, Lahaina Banyan Alight

We’ve been humming Christmas tunes lately at the Hawaii Picture of the Day office and thought, “Hey, why not a quick picture of Christmas in July” to take the edge off. So, here’s a good one.

The centuries-old banyan found at the center of Lahaina town on Maui has been a prominent feature for quite some time. The town has made this spot the central park and it is one of the most often-viewed trees in the country. If you have been to Lahaina, you have seen this tree. Its branches spread out over an entire square block, creating nooks and crannies for climbing, reading, relaxing, and eating the ice cream you just bought across the street.

In December, the tree is set ablaze with colorful Christmas lights, the good old-fashioned ones that are large and glass. Add these to the permanent lamp posts, the high ceiling of green leaves, and unseasonably (for most) warm weather, and you have a beautiful Christmas in Hawaii scene.