Hawaii Secret Beach, Koolina Sunset

Hawaii Secret Beach, Ko’olina Sunset

Evening comes at the end of another Hawaiian day in Ko’olina, turning the sky a brilliant purple edged by the yellow-orange rays of what remains of the sun’s light. Calm waters, lush green naupaka bushes, and salt-covered rocks all work together to bring home the warm, postcard-esque feeling created by this scene.

Set on the island of Oahu’s western shore, Ko’olina is an ideal spot for catching unbelievably gorgeous sunsets. On calm evenings like this, we think to ourselves that there is much beauty in the world and that we are blessed in Hawaii to see it so readily.

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About Henry Aguilar

Henry Aguilar (aka jhames808) started photography in 2009 as a hobby focusing on landscape and macro. A self-taught photographer who enjoys taking pictures on his free time. Together with his passion and dedication, Henry continues to learn and explore other areas of photography humbly grasping every suggestions and comments to improve his craft. He later on started shooting portraits, local events, concerts and also weddings. One of his photos was published in the January-February 2012 issue of Hawaii Magazine for winning the grand prize of the magazine’s 13th annual photo contest. His work was also selected to be part of the Contemporary Photography in Hawaii 2012 at Frame Arts Hawaii organized by Pacific New Media. Last June, his work was showcased in the first RAWArtist Honolulu event that took place at Vice nightclub. In addition to his website, you can find him on Facebook here.